Glacier Peak Walter SiegmundWilderness Watch is opposing a Forest Service (FS) proposal to allow the US Geological Service to build a permanent seismic monitoring station in the Glacier Peak Wilderness in Washington, and to utilize up to 20 helicopter trips into the Wilderness over four years. Similar to other proposals for structures in Wilderness, the FS has once again failed to justify how these stations are necessary to protect the Wilderness and has failed to look at alternatives, including sites outside the Wilderness. We suggested that temporary facilities could be packed in, if indeed this was the minimum necessary. We also suggested that newer technologies like satellites or LIDAR could do the same without violating the Wilderness. We have requested an environmental impact statement to address these and other issues.


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August 2018 (EA)

• July 2018 (scoping)

• April 2016  scoping)
• June 2015 (scoping)


Wilderness Watch is also opposing a proposed Climate Monitoring Program in the Glacier Bay Wilderness in Alaska. The proposal includes structures, installations, and helicopter landings in the Wilderness, all of which would degrade the area’s wilderness character. The project fails to benefit the Glacier Bay Wilderness in any way, and the National Park Service failed to analyze a range of alternatives, including choosing monitoring sites outside of Wilderness.


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