"It has become clear that the only possible means of assuring the long term protection of the Wilderness System lies in the watchful eyes and assertive voice of an independent grass-roots citizen's organization. Count me in! The importance and urgency of the Wilderness Watch mission has persuaded me to make the time to get involved."
-Orville Freeman, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in 1964, the year the Wilderness Act passed


"Thirty years ago many of us involved in the Wilderness Act expected to retire with the ability to look across the country at the legacy we labored to leave for our grandchildren, and to find it secure and intact. Instead, I find myself now unable to relax as I see that intended inheritance seriously threatened."
-Stewart Udall, former Secretary of Interior and Wilderness Watch Board member


"Our Wilderness System is unequaled anywhere in the world, but our work's not done. We face devastating encroachments on designated Wilderness with the four federal agencies not preserving the wilderness character of these lands. Wilderness Watch is standing up for the vision we began working on more than 50 years ago. That's why I joined Wilderness Watch and serve as a member of the board of directors."
-Stewart Brandborg, Wilderness Watch Board member and Executive Director of the Wilderness Society in 1964, the year the Wilderness Act passed


"Our family is most grateful that Wilderness Watch works so hard and so effectively to keep alive my father Howard Zahniser's dream that the National Wilderness Preservation System should be truly wild in perpetuity."
-Mathias Zahniser


"Enclosed please find my membership renewal plus a little extra. As a longtime USFS Wilderness ranger I know well the need for your continuing presence and activism on behalf of designated Wilderness. As a seasonal employee, I have a front row seat to the Agency's feeble commitment to Wilderness."


"We support Wilderness Watch because it means people have a voice. It's hard to make a difference as one individual. We make change when we join together with one voice."
-Wilderness Watch member from Idaho

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